Fish Flagrante - Interpretation of the Panels

The two new artworks on the front of the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre in Peebles are Peel 1 and 2 by Selkirk based international artist Liz Douglas.

Commissioned as part of a visual arts themed month of Peebles Creative Place 2014, the pieces are a development of Liz’s recent research into laser-cutting as an innovative drawing tool and her response to the invitation to create a new  artwork  linked to Peebles’ practical, historic and artistic relationship with fish, particularly of the  salmon on the River Tweed.

Fish Flagrante - Meeting Liz Douglas

Fish Flagrante - Meeting Liz Douglas

Her work has been shown in galleries and at festivals across the world, today two of the largest pieces ever created by Borders’ artist Liz Douglas are a new landmark on Peebles’ historic High Street.  The pieces, inspired by the town’s intrinsic connection to fish were commissioned by Peebles Creative Place 2014 and were made for the face of the Eastgate Theatre.

I met with Liz to discuss the pieces and explore the motivation behind them, this is what Liz had to say: