French Connection

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Visitors to Pennel’s Courtyard on Sunday afternoon enjoyed a Gallic treat as four visiting artists from Peebles’ twin town of Hendaye provided a feast of colourful entertainment – from open air mural painting to extreme hair styling, fusion music and a wonderful photographic exhibition.

The artists are participating in this year’s Peebles Arts Festival with support from Peebles Creative Place. The crowds that squeezed into the courtyard gave our guests a warm welcome and were in turn wowed by the sight, sound and sheer joie de vivre of the occasion.

Accompanied by music from Nomad Beat Players, Bruno Aguerre provided a live demonstration of his craft, using brushes, paddles and more esoteric items such as a length of rope and section of fishing net to produce a series of lively mural paintings.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the courtyard, Christophe Pavia – the Mysterieuses Coiffures – took audience participation to new heights as willing victims entered his ‘salon’ for some extreme hairstyling. Full of quirky humour, Christophe used flowers, twigs and many other items not normally associated with a trip to the hairdresser to create extraordinary hair sculptures for delighted volunteers – all to the accompaniment of traditional music by the Jo Powell trio.

Later, it was the turn of musician and composer Marco Bardetorte to play a short set that featured wonderfully-rich melodies from the French-Spanish border country.  

In between, visitors munched on freshly-prepared crepes and headed upstairs to the Silvertree Studio to view Angela Mejias’s dazzling exhibition of photographs (in print and projection) from around Hendaye.  

Bruno, Christophe and Marco will be performing live at various venues around Peebles until Wednesday, while Angela’s exhibition will also be open at the Silvertree Studio from 10am to 5.30pm for the next three days. See the Peebles Arts Festival website for full details. 

See a gallery of images from the day here