Perfect scene-setter for WP exhibition

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We loved ITV Borders’ piece on artist Inge Panneels, whose work will appear as part of the Working Perspectives – Artists in the Workplace exhibition which opens on Saturday 14 February at the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery in Peebles.  

Inge, who specialises in kiln and architectural glass techniques, was filmed at her studio in the village of Lilliesleaf near Selkirk. The segment aired as part of the excellent Border Life programme on Monday 9 February.

Much of the ten-minute piece focussed on Inge’s involvement in Working Perspectives, a collaborative project that saw a dozen artists from the Crossing Borders collective paired with 10 different workplaces around Peebles and then charged to create new works of art based on their experiences.

Inge was paired with the John Buchan Story museum in Peebles, and did a wonderful job of explaining how she has interpreted Buchan’s rich and varied life through intricate and thought-provoking glasswork.

We were also delighted that the piece highlighted Peebles’ success in being named the most creative place of its size in Scotland and the wider programme of events as part of Peebles Creative Place 2014.

The work of all 12 artists involved in the Working Perspectives project will be on display at the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery at the Chambers Institution in Peebles from 14 February to 11 April (admission free).

For more on the exhibition visit here  

And to see the clip from the Border Life programme, click here. It’s highly recommended!